Startup Button

The Startup Button is a platform to discover new product & services & a marketing platform for startup companies.

The Startup Button is an open initiative by World Business Studios, Inc. The platform helps entrepreneurs get market traction for early-stage startups by showcasing them to early adopters, investors, and journalists who are waiting to discover the latest startup gold. Not only do we give you a freemium listing, we actively promote your startup using our social media channels. We love and support great startups!

The Startup Button is one of the fastest growing websites built around this premise. Created for entrepreneurs and adopters, The Startup Button gains over 10,000+ users a month, sends newsletters to 2,000+ subscribers, processes more than 2,000+ startup submissions and ultimately helps creators share their projects with the world.

The average click-through rate (CTR) is decreasing & cost per click is ever increasing. Ranking your website on search engines is becoming even more difficult. There is a need for marketing platform like The Startup Button for startups to target their products and services to the right audience and spread the word.

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