ADSY - Marketing Platform

Adsy is a content distribution platform. If you are a marketer trying to reach your target audience online or a publisher looking for new opportunities to monetize your website, Adsy will be of interest to you.

We are still developing main functionality of the service, but you are already welcome to register at and give us any feedback, feature requests, etc.

To put it in a nutshell, Adsy marketers are about to get:

content distribution on relevant websites

different types of content are allowed: articles, images, etc.

content may be provided by a marketer or created by a publisher in compliance with all marketerду»s requirements

great variety of filters to choose high quality publishers

open inventory and open bidding to choose publishers

anti-fraud control and guarantee of content placement on a selected website

opportunity to communicate with publishers directly to specify any requirements

And Adsy publishers are about to get:

good rewards for their work

reliable payments

unique and relevant content

control over what kind of content to create and place

transparency and sponsorship disclosure

opportunity to communicate with marketers directly to specify any requirements

We would appreciate if you gave Adsy a try and shared your feedback with us.

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