When you go to an unknown neighborhood, especially after dark, you may feel anxious or stressed. Itду»s a natural reaction to the lack of knowledge about the safety of surroundings.

Jane is a mobile application that provides you with an insight into how safe a neighborhood is perceived by people and helps you find the safest route to the place youду»re walking. The knowledge is presented in a form of vivid and easy to understand heat map. This safety map is being created by users who mark areas (not points) they know and rate how safe they feel there.

When you share your perception of safety Jane learns the way youду»re looking at the world, matches you with people who view the reality from similar perspective and creates your unique safety map. All of these to tell you how safe youду»re going to feel in places you have not visited before!

Jane is dedicated to big city dwellers and students moving to a new city or country.

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